Surgical Dental Atraumatic Extraction Kit

iconGerMedUSADental Provide Complete Surgical Extraction Kit with Best Quality : Surgical Extraction Kit contains : Scalpel, Axe, Bayonnet, Molt/Shoehorn Combo, Double Shoehorn, Minesota Retractor, Angletome, Ball Bone File, Rongeur, Bone Packer/Carrier, Curette Serrated, Angled Mini Scraper/ Curette, Needle Holder, Tissue Frocep, Surgical Scissors


Mirror Handle

Mouth mirror handles are designed to fit mouth mirror heads. These handles provide stability and leverage for retraction and protection of oral tissues while using the mouth mirror to reflect light and provide indirect vision for easy viewing of patient’s teeth.

SKU: GD50-622

$12.95 excl tax

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