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Anglevator Tooth Extraction Kit

Dental tooth extraction instrument kit which includes our new revolutionary 3mm Right angle, 3mm Left angle, and 5mm Straight tipped oral tooth extraction tools.
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New oral surgical tooth extraction instrument kit includes the popular 3mm Left and 3mm Right angled tipped Anglevators, which are precisely engineered to provide atraumatic tooth extraction in seconds.  Dentists use the anglevators for their teeth extraction needs in order to provide an atraumatic extraction experience for the patients and a less nerve racking and more predictable, and time saving, tooth extraction experience.  Because of their versitility and reliablity, you will, as most dental professionals do, find that the indespensible Anglevators are your go to surgical instruments in meeting your diverse tooth extraction requirements, as they are designed to be utilized in every extraction procedure, and in any situation  - a true Swiss Army Knife of oral surgery.

When extracting teeth, no dental kit would be complete without the Large 5mm Anglevator, which is designed with a wider blade that tappers off to a fine edge. This oral instrument is used in extractions, when you need more leverage or torque and is especially effective in dealing with large bony defects, while maintaining a time saving atraumatic experience for the patient.


What Is the Anglevator:

The Anglevator™ is a luxating tool that  combines six major dental hand tools used in extractions: 1. peritome 2. luxator 3. crane pick 4. chisel 5. elevator and 6. proximator all in one tool which makes extractions easier, less painful and most importantly Atraumatic!

All of the Anglevators are universal instruments, they can be used on every extraction.  They are securely wedged between the root and bone in the PDL space, then with twisting/rotation movements you loosen the root.


How to Use the Anglevator:

To start getting comfortable with the Anglevator, place the point of the angled blade into the MESIAL BUCCAL, like we learned with elevators, just in a more apical direction.  Work the blade as deep as possible then rotate/twist, like an elevator.

The opposite angles of the 3mm Anglevators are best used as follows;



LARGE TAN Anglevator works great on #1 & 16, deep perio pockets & anywhere you need a lot of tourque.

The main objective is to penetrate as deep as possible in the PDL space, wedge securely between the root and bone then wiggle the tooth loose.

Anglevator Maintenance:

You must maintain your instruments.  Keep the edge sharp with pink or blue rubber wheels over sharpening stones. The frequency of usage will depend on how often to sharpen these instruments.  The sharper you keep your blade the more efficient your instrument will be. 


About time!, 7/6/2015 3:28 PM
From: Dr Eric
This instruments are amazing!  They make any extraction situation easier for doctor & patient!  The design just makes sense, it's about time!
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