• Anglevator

    • Highly effective in all extraction procedures, the new revolutionary Anglevators are the workhorses of your reliable dental extraction kit.
    • Finally, a skillfully crafted oral surgery instrument that extracts teeth in seconds, while providing a much better extraction experience for both the patient and the Dentist.
    • Facilitating atraumatic extractions through the use of precisely designed widths and angles, the Anglevator is considered a hybrid of the Luxator, Periotome, Chisel and Elevator – a true Swiss Army knife of Oral Surgery.
  • Great Dental Diagnostic Surgical Instruments

    • Double Ended Explorer
    • Single Ended Explorer
    Great Dental Diagnostic Surgical Instruments
  • Atraumatic Extraction Kit

    The EXTRACTION KIT includes the Anglevators, which are sharp enough to cut into the PDL, thin enough at the tip so that it can fit under the tooth below the gumline and strong enough to elevate it without breaking, as well as a kit of Forceps that will surely allow for a full Atraumatic tooth extraction. 

    Atraumatic Extraction Kit
  • Testimonials

    Just used it for #5 root tip, took literally 10 seconds. Tip was so sharp I also used to incise and drain her fistula on the buccal adjacent to the tooth, pus everywhere. Very versatile.

                -Dr. Dan Fenton; Ft Lauderdale

    Yesterday did four wisdom teeth with the anglevator, two top ones were a cinch. Bottoms put up a fight but ultimately worked out fine. Thanks.

                -Steven Berkowitz; Periodontist from Ft Lauderdale

Dental Surgical Instrument Manufacturer and Distributor of High Quality Dental Surgical Tools & Equipment Used In Oral Surgery By Dentist & Surgeons

GermedUSA Dental manufactures and sells high quality dental surgical instruments which have been utilized with great success by dentists and dental surgeons around the world for decades. 

Our dedicated research and development team, working closely with some of the top dental experts, dental surgical instrument design engineers, and craftsmen, in dentistry, has allowed us to produce and deliver high quality and affordable instruments utilized throughout the dental industry. Our dental instruments are used to treat patients in oral surgery procedures, including, atraumatic tooth extractions, root canals, dental implants, dental crowns, prosthodontics, apicoectomy, endodontic surgery, and many other oral and maxillofacial surgical procedures, which require safe, effective, and reliable dental tools and equipment.

GerMedUSA Dental understands the importance of details when crafting medical surgical instruments and equipment used in dental operations, therefore our craftsmen producing instruments at our production facility located in Germany are committed to providing dental products that are safe and effective in the Surgical Instrument industry. GerMedUSA Dental continues to develop and deliver innovative high quality dental surgical products and services, and guarantees total customer satisfaction. 

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Picture of Anglevator Tooth Extraction Kit

Anglevator Tooth Extraction Kit

Dental tooth extraction instrument kit which in...

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Picture of Atraumatic Extraction Kit

Atraumatic Extraction Kit

3 Anglevators and 6 Forceps

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